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ダウンロード nvivo 10 for windows 自由

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本ガイドは特記なき限り NVivo Windows および Windows 10 の組み合わせで記載しています。 NVivo トライアル版インストーラーのダウンロード. ・・・P. 7 「NVivo は単なる定性データ分析プログラムではありません。計 NVivo 10 for Windows/ 年 9 月 NVivo 30 日間無料トライアル版のダウンロード


ダウンロード nvivo 10 for windows 自由. サンプルプロジェクトの使い方

NVivoは14日間無料でトライアル可能です。 各OSに対応したクイックスタートガイドを見ながら、NVivoを実際に使用して確認することができます。.




Mac用はプロジェクトの上限サイズ、使用できる機能などに違いがあります。NVivo WindowsとMacの違いについての詳細は 「NVivo Windows Mac 機能比較表」 をご参照ください。. NVivoはダウンロード版のみです。パッケージ版はございません。 検収に物品が必要な場合、NVivo ライセンス発行証書を発行しておりますので、ご利用ください。.

NVivoはQDAソフト(Qualitative Data Analysis)、または CAQDASソフト(Computer Assisted Qualitative Data Analysis Software)と呼ばれる質的研究支援ソフトです。 従来では紙ベースで行っていたメモを書き込んだり、切ったり貼ったりといったコーディング作業等をPC上で可能にします。.

NVivoはインタビューからTwitterなどSNSの情報まで、幅広い種類のデータを取り込み、データの偏りや頻出ワードを可視化、分析することができます。 膨大な量の資料を一元管理し、分析にかかる時間を短縮してくれるので、より多くの時間を研究、考察に費やすことができます。. NVivoは音声・動画ファイルを文字起こしせずに、メディア タイムライン上 に直接コードすることも可能です。自動文字起こしサービス「NVivo Transcription」(有料)と連携し、NVivoから自動文字起こしを依頼、文字起こし内容をダウンロードすることができます。. For computers running:. Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8, use Uninstall a program in the Control Panel.

Windows XP, use Add or Remove Programs. NVivo relies on a number of other components to run, and if they are not already present when you install the software using the setup wizard, NVivo will install them for you. However, when NVivo is uninstalled, these components remain on the workstation.

These components can be removed individually from the Control Panel. Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8, use Uninstall a program. You should only uninstall them if you are certain that they are not utilized by other programs on your computer. The components to be removed, in order, are:. If any supplementary add-ons were also installed, you must remove them separately. Refer to the following topics for more information:. Uninstalling NCapture for Internet Explorer.

Uninstalling NCapture for Chrome. Uninstalling NVivo Add-In for OneNote. Skip to Main Content. Home Topics. What can we help you with? Information Answer. Standard installation NVivo 10 Windows This topic describes how to install NVivo 10 Windows using the using the installation wizard standard installation and how to enter and activate a license.

In this topic Install NVivo 10 Windows Enter and activate a license and choose user preferences Deactivating NVivo 10 Windows Uninstalling Removing prerequisite components Removing supplementary add-ons Install NVivo 10 Windows You must have administrator permissions for the computer on which you are installing NVivo. Follow these steps to install NVivo using the wizard: Locate and double-click the NVivo file that you downloaded—the installation process starts automatically.

If you are installing from physical media, do one of the following: Insert the NVivo 10 USB flash drive—in the root folder double-click NVivo 10 Windows 32 bit. exe Insert the NVivo 10 DVD—if the DVD menu does not display automatically, double-click the file NV10Menu.

Follow the prompts to: Select a language for the NVivo user interface if prompted. Enter and activate a license and choose user preferences You need to activate your NVivo 10 Windows license—this is a simple and secure process that ensures valid licenses are used to operate the software. To enter and activate a license: Start NVivo. On the User Profile dialog box, you are prompted to set up the default NVivo user profile: Enter the user’s name for their user profile—by default it is set to their Windows user account name.

NOTE Participation in the Customer Experience Improvement Program can help QSR International to improve the features, quality and performance of NVivo.

Deactivating NVivo 10 Windows You can deactivate the NVivo license on a particular computer. To deactivate NVivo via the Internet: Ensure that you are connected to the Internet. Uninstalling Before you uninstall NVivo, you need to deactivate it.

For computers running: Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8, use Uninstall a program in the Control Panel. The NVivo Server allows concurrent multi-user access—this means that everyone in a team can work on the same project at the same time.

Team members can code, annotate, and link source content at the same time. Make sure that team members collaborating in a standalone project or a server project are using the same version and service pack of the NVivo software.

Projects in NVivo 10 Windows format cannot be opened in NVivo 9. If team members are not using the same service pack, they may not be able to use the same features—for example, users with NVivo 10 Windows Service Pack 2 or later can work with YouTube videos collected with NCapture, but users with earlier versions of NVivo cannot use this feature.

Skip to Main Content. Home Topics. What can we help you with? Information Answer. About NVivo NVivo 10 Windows In this topic What is NVivo?